Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Camo Pattern A-TACS

Developed by Digital Concealment Systems, the new A-TACS (Advance Tactical Concealment System) was recently featured on Tactical-Life.com. Clearly a result of the abundant complaints and recent articles concerning the current Army Combat Uniform, it has been touted as a revolutionary camoflage designed for an arid environment.

Although it might not look it, it is in fact a digital pattern, and utilizes “organic pixels”. This method of pixellation is designed to eliminate right angles visible in traditional digital patterns, and to keep the pattern from forming blobs when seen at a distance.

The official unveiling for A-TACS will take place at SHOT Show 2010, but as of this month some A-TACS product will already be on the market.

Update (Nov. 18th 2009): Found a new picture that wasn't in the Tactical Life article. Shown below.

Further update (Nov. 18th 2009): Found a few new pictures, but I can't be sure of their veracity.


  1. are you kidding this looks like its the shit, if i was looking quickly in the same enviornment i mihgt actually lose him, the seconds soldier is practically camoed, but i do believe what we consider camo uniforms to be just that, uniforms, real camo is when your enemy thinks your a goddamned bush.

  2. It looks like someone found the watercolor filter in photoshop.

  3. Fail. That camo is going to blob together further out than 100 yards. It will just look like the guy is wearing tan coveralls. I don't know why the military is doing this digital crap. Large shapes with sharp, jagged edges break up your silhouette at a distance. Not that it matters because they are just going to cover it up with a bunch of coyote brown body armor anyway. You'd think if they are going to have a coyote brown OTV they'd pick a different color for the molle gear to break things up a bit. That would be smart though, using different colors.