Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To: Tiger Stripe Empire Goggles

After having enough goggle shots (see below) whilst in the woods, I decided to camouflage my flat black Empire Helix goggles.

For this mod, you will need:

  • One Empire Helix mask - ~$30 
  • Krylon Olive Camo Fusion spray paint - $6.29 at Crappy Tire
  • Painters' tape - $4.49 at Crappy Tire
  • Exacto knife
  • Old placemat
  • Ammonia

  1. Have an idea in mind for what kind of pattern you're going for. I decided to have tiger stripes on the sides of the goggles, and teeth on the front grill of the mask. 
  2. Remove the lenses from the mask
  3. Clean the mask with a dilute ammonia solution so that the spray paint will stick better
  4. Rip the painters tape into irregular elongated diamond shapes and place them on the mask. You don't have to worry about messing up, that's why painters' tape is used, it doesn't leave any residue and comes off easily. Make sure all the edges of the tape are torn so that you get a nice natural effect. 
  5. For more exact portions of your design (such as the teeth on my mask) place the painters tape on the old table mat and use an exacto knife to cut it into the shapes you desire.                                      
  6. Go outside with a suitable means of supporting the mask for spraypainting.
  7. Follow the instructions on the spray paint and give the entire mask a coat.
  8. Let the mask sit for a week in a dry, well ventilated place.
  9. Remove the painters' tape from the mask and there you go, tiger stripe camo

Final product pictures:
(Pictures taken by Paul Leroux)


  1. Adding a base coat such as khaki or flat black would help to make a better blend of colors, but still a very nice job.

  2. Thanks for the comment Red! I checked out your website, that's a wicked looking team you got there. Also some very well put together pages, and a good amount of milsim resources :)

  3. Thanks Connor, I like the direction you are going with this site. We would be honored if you would join our ranks at

    The members there would find your information very useful.

  4. This is awesome, man. You inspired me to do my own, :D.