Sunday, November 8, 2009

Triops Project

(Photo taken from Wikipedia Commons)

Today marks the start of my Triops collection. Don't know what Triops are? Check it out here.

I followed a combination of the instructions from the website linked above and the small informational pamphlet supplied with my little packet of Triop eggs. I'm using a 2.5 gallon tank (bought for five bucks Canadian at a local clearance sale), decorative aquarium gravel and Life brand distilled water. Found below are a few pictures of the progress.

Everything I needed to get set up:

Tank with substrate added:

With added water and detritus teabag:

And here are my eggs!

They're tiny and out of focus but I ... *cough* love them.

They should hatch in the next day or so. I'll post a new update when something exciting happens.

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