Monday, April 5, 2010

Psiworx Proconnect III Review

Psiworx Proconnect III

Price: $59.95 CDN from Milsig Canada

Options: Comes as a single package or you can purchase just the male/female fittings and slap them on your own remote line.

Specs: Connects under pressure, retains pressure in line upon disconnect, tapered depressing pin, black nickel finish.

FanDam using the Proconnect III

Pros: You can air up your remote line and keep it aired up without air escaping without the male and female connections together. To connect the male and female ends and air up your marker, you only need to push the male fitting into the female one. To separate the male and female connections, you need to simply press the button on the female end and the male end ejects. This purges air from the ASA/marker and retains air in the remote line. What all these awesome aspects boil down to is the same advantage of a slide check, with none of the hassle.

Cons: You'll get some weird looks when you disconnect your remote line with the touch of a button...

Overall: Hands down, the best remote line out there. If you're tired of blown O-rings and crappy slide checks, you need a Proconnect. Psiworx's owner Doug Brown is an industry vet and knows how to run a great business.


  1. Have one of these myself and I've spoke with Doug a bit as well. Great guy and great product. I can't see myself ever wanting to go back to standard slide checks again after picking up one of these.

  2. Hi Kory,

    Thanks for the comment! Great to see another Psiworx fan.

  3. BTW, why did nobody tell me I spelled Psiworx wrong!?