Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Milsig K-Series Review

I can't believe I have yet to have written a review on the Milsig K-Series! One of my favorite markers by far, and the workhorse of my armoury, the Milsig K-Series is produced by Milsig industries, and sold in North America by Milsig Canada.

Marker: Milsig K-Series

Price: $400.00 - $1,000 CDN through Milsig's online store

Options: Many aesthetic/performance upgrades including shrouds, stocks, barrels and air systems

Specs: .68 caliber, 18 round magazine capacity, A5 barrel threading, aluminum construction, runs off C02 and HPA (preferably HPA), picatinny top rail, optional hopper feed, simple blow back, high pressure operation, side-cocking with a reciprocating charging handle

My add-ons: VLTOR CASV and EMOD stock, Lapco Assault barrel, Milsig triangular front sight (had to be milled on the inside to fit), LaRue replica rear sight, NCStar red dot on LaRue replica cantilever mount, LaRue replica foregrip, Israeli Defense Force surplus sling with black skull gearkeepers, Psiworx Proconnect III

Pros: Basically an A5, out of the box it will accept numerous A5 upgrades, including barrels, stocks, and some foregrips. Like the A5, it is dependable and easy to maintain. Optional hopper feed for those that don't want to always use mags, although I have yet to see anyone use a hopper feed on their Milsig. Mag system has very few flaws, and feeds reliably at a high rate. Good cold weather operation. Option in-stock air system that allows you to run the marker without a remote line or bulky tank. Great aesthetic for the most part.

Cons: Air guzzler, many people believe that their Milsig is broken and won't recock, when often they have restricted their air flow in some way (reg is too low pressure, remote line is choking air flow). The cocking handle is prone to breaking. I have seen several people have their cocking handle snap, and mine broke during play one day. Milsig customer support was good in replacing it, but the handle itself is too brittle to withhold the percussive reciprocating action. It's my experience that the Milsig requires generous amounts of lubrication, more so than other markers. Aesthetic marred slightly by the airline's placement between the grip and the magazine well, as even when you run air in stock, there is an unsightly gap between the two normally adjacent components (in real steel and many milsim markers).

A previous incarnation of my K-Series, with flip up sights, and a C-Series barrel.

Overall: Milsig K-Series markers are the staple of the mag-fed Canadian market, and provide a great milsim package. Those familiar with Tippmann markers will have no trouble in maintaining a K-Series. There are small mechanical issues that pop up some of the time that can be solved by a trip to the Milsig Forums, or giving Milsig a call at their toll free number: 1-877-764-5744 (PST). By buying a low end Milsig, you give yourself the chance to make it your own, and their are millions of configurable possibilities out there.

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