Saturday, April 3, 2010

Skunkworks Paintball Tiberius 8 Holster Review

Edit (October 14th 2011) - Canadians (and others) can now buy Skunkworks holsters through Crypsis as well: Holsters + Tactical Gear

I received this item some time ago, but I've been waiting to get out and play with it before my review, and after a perfect day out in the sun, here we are...

Skunkworks Paintball Tiberius 8 Holster

Price: $65.00-100.00 US from Skunkworks Paintball

Options: Right-handed, left-handed, molle clip, molle strike plate, drop leg, barrel plug.

Colours: Black, Beige, Woodland, or Desert Digicam.

Specs: Blackhawk SERPA mounting hardware, Kydex holster with spring tensioning, buckled retention strap with finger loop.

Pros: I've tried several holsters now, and hands down, this is the most secure. Even without the retention strap, my T8 was holstered firmly in place the entire day. When I did draw the pistol, it came out smoothly without struggle. The Blackhawk rig itself doesn't move anywhere, due to its Y-harness. Kydex is awesome. Built to accomodate the TRG compensator, a must for me.

Cons: A bit pricey I suppose. No built-in safety device, so you either need to use the barrel plug addition or leave your mag out of the pistol in any safe zone.

Overall: Simply the best holster for your T8... and I would assume your TPX as well (TPX holster now available from Skunkworks Paintball). If there's a better alternative out there, I'd like to see it. The SERPA compatibility provides a tonne of possibilites.

How to order: Email Mike from Skunkworks.

Edit (July 13th 2011) - Coming soon to Crypsis!

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