Monday, April 25, 2011

Grey Ops 10k Challenge Giveaway Winners

The Grey Ops 10k Challenge giveaways to promote Team in Training's blood cancer fundraising effort have now wrapped up, and it's time to announce the winners! Without further ado, here they are:

Giveaway #1: Replica MultiCam Combat Shirt & Pants Set
Box Cutter

Giveaway #2: Milsim marker accessory pack

Giveaway #3: TRU-Spec BDU Pants
Joshua Da Silva

Giveaway #4: Invert Reloader 2
Alvaro Durazo

Giveaway #5: AGC MOLLE Vest

Giveaway #6: Proto Switch Goggle Fan
Bj Ruland

Giveaway #7: Damascus Knee Pad Inserts
Wobbly Dragoon

Giveaway #8: AGC T8 MOLLE Holster
Blake Goshinmon

I personally want to convey our thanks to everyone who entered, and appreciate the donations that were made by some of the entrants. Everyone who donated and doubled their chances on the giveaways managed to win something too, which is nice to see.

The above winners will be contacted at the e-mail they used to comment on/enter the giveaways. Once I have everyone's address I'll be shipping everything out!

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