Friday, April 1, 2011

Army Camoflage Improvement Effort Solicitation Cancelled

If you've been following the United State's "Army Camoflage Improvement Effort", then you'll know it's been delayed several times, culminating with it being delayed to today. Well it may be the early morning, but the word is out! The entire effort has been nixed, with the United States deciding to go with a cost effective and logistically less nightmarish solution. This is certainly the right way to go, as area specific camouflage is just complete hooey and what's truly important is a sense of visual coherence and solidarity.

I'll keep it short and simple, as I want to go to bed. The solution the United States is proposing is reverting back to the effective and advanced M73 Woodland pattern developed decades ago. I for one applaud their decision, and look forward to seeing the pattern fielded. Click here for the full story, with all the references you need.

The M73 in its full glory.

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