Friday, April 29, 2011

Voodoo's New Site UP! + D-Day 2011 Details

Voodoo Paintball, profiled extensively in episode 2 of the RDS network's Paintball TV, has revamped their web site for 2011, with a slicker design and user interface, and better graphics. I love the new look of the site, but you can judge it for yourself here.

Also, the details for Voodoo's 2011 D-Day event are now posted, and the skinny is that it'll be held Saturday, June 4th. Those who followed Grey Ops waayyy back in our earlier days (circa October 2010) will recall my News From The Front report on how much I loved Voodoo's field, and the incredible D-Day event as a whole. Here's a recap:

The annual Oklahoma D-Day event is still the king of the hill, but If you live in Eastern Canada and want to get a taste of some D-Day action on an intense, purpose-built field, Voodoo's D-Day event is not to be missed!

Full details on pricing, registration, and the day's activities can be viewed here.

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