Thursday, April 7, 2011


Grey Ops has always given you the lowdown on modern camouflage patterns. In fact, it's somewhat of a specialty here at our humble blog! Whether you're interested in A-TACS, Better Camo, MultiCam, SURPAT, PenCott, FEAR Camo, or another up-and-coming 21st-century camouflage pattern, you'll probably hear breaking news about it here first.

In this fine tradition, Grey Ops would like to introduce you to another new and obscure camouflage pattern, one that's certain to become VERY popular. Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly gentlemen), I give you Morning Wood Camo.

"Morning wood" probably wasn't the type of wood people had in mind when they designed Woodland Camouflage, but there's no stopping a good idea. Morning Wood Camo uses a total of 67 different stripper silhouettes in 4 colours to simulate the Woodland pattern, with a very attractive and provocative twist. A company called Team Hard markets the pattern on various items, including ball caps, beer can holders, bandannas, and T-shirts (full BDUs aren't available yet, unfortunately). The items are available at the Team Hard online store, and also on eBay.

As for its effectiveness, Morning Wood Camo probably won't hide you in the bush any better than standard Woodland Camo, but it certainly will get you a lot of attention at the staging area or in the deadbox!

Aside from the basic Woodland variant, there are 3 other variants available in the pattern:




Be sure to visit Grey Ops during our May Theme Weeks, and keep an eye out for your chance to win some Morning Wood Camo gear during Camouflage Week!

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