Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank You from Grey Ops!!!

Today marks the official end of our fundraising campaign for Team in Training, part of The Grey Ops 10k Challenge. We hope you've enjoyed the giveaways to promote the campaign, and we hope you've learned a lot from the articles in the Paintball Fitness series to help you train for The Challenge and/or become a better Paintball player this season.

The results of the fundraising effort, considering the short time it was running, were FANTASTIC! Between reader donations and the SP8 marker eBay auction, a total of $512.50 was raised, and Patricia now stands just $77.00 short of her goal of raising $4000.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC). To those who contributed, we at Grey Ops can't thank you enough for your help. If anyone else wants to help in the fight, donations are still being accepted at Patricia's Team in Training page up until Race Weekend here in Ottawa (May 28th & 29th).

But the results of the campaign go beyond just money raised. Our short campaign helped to raise awareness of blood cancers, and also helped spread the word about the LLSC and Team in Training. (In fact, if you "Like" Team in Training on Facebook, your friends will see this in your news feed, and you could reach hundreds of people that way). I also found out recently that we inspired one of our readers to start training for the CIBC Run For The Cure in his city in October. Things like these just show that the campaign had results beyond the money collected, and planted seeds in the cancer-fighting cause that will definitely grow with time.

Looking ahead, please always keep an eye out for ways in which you can help. For example, there are many Paintball events held for charity out there, and if you were planning to go spend money playing Paintball anyway, why not spend your dollars at one of these events for a good cause? Or better yet, volunteer for the event to make things easy for the organizers. They could always use some help with taking photos of the event for newsletters, reffing games, cooking hot dogs and burgers on the barbecue, etc. Small contributions of time and/or money from everyday people can have far-reaching effects, so don't think you can't make a difference by helping out!

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