Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RAP4 Lok-Bolt Released

The RAP4 Lok-Bolt has been released, retailing at a price of $70 UDS, functioning as a drop-in part for the RAP4 T68 system. Omar Macy of RAP4 has released a (decidedly better looking than most RAP4 videos) video showing off the product:

After seeing the videos for the adaptor, I have to admit I'm rather skeptical as to its usefulness. It appears to be a means of correcting for the shortcomings of the RAP4 magazines, that are prone to chopping or misfeeding. On top of that, it means that you have to recock the T68 each time you reload a magazine. While it does provide a more noticeable means of knowing if your mag has run dry, I've never personally had a problem noticing the difference between an actual or "dry" shot from my markers. Do you guys think it's worth the $70 bucks it's retailing for?

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