Monday, January 9, 2012

U.S. Army Branded Videogame Controllers

As many paintballers will know, the US Army branding already has its hands in the paintball market, with an entire line of Tippmann-produced markers bearing their label. Now, this branding has extended into semi-realistic videogame peripherals, as produced by a company called CTA Digital. As seen in the pictures below, this ranges from rifles used to aim/shoot to throat microphones used to communicate during online gaming sessions.

Looks like videogames are becoming more and more immersive... now it's an even easier sell to get someone to move from one of these controllers to putting a pneumatic gun in their hands. Of course the fight against teen troglodytic tendencies will still be an uphill battle. Of course other interests are aware of these things as well, and that's the reason for the branding of these peripherals, but I'd like to think we as paintballers can use it to our advantage as well.

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