Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cerakote Update + Paintball Marker Cerakoting

2 Augusts ago, I posted a small blurb about a process called Cerakote, which coats firearms with a small layer of ceramic spray to make for a great looking and extremely durable finish. I've found this cool video depicting the Cerakote process:

What's more, there's somebody on MCB offering Cerakote services for paintball markers (at what appears to be a pretty affordable price, ~$100). Here are a couple examples of some of their work:

I've gotten a lot of questions about hydrographics and paintball markers via email and forums since I A-TACS coated my T4, and this certainly seems like an affordable and worthwhile alternative. If you do get something cool Cerakoted, please send me a pic or two and I'll post them as a followup! 

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