Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Worst Product of 2011 Award

Welcome to the inaugural (and probably last, knowing me) annual Worst Product of the Year Award! The winner for 2011 is...

In all honesty, there is no Worst Product Award (I know, you're all shocked, please forward all complaints to, but so rarely does a turd of a product such as this one come along, I just had to take advantage of it.

Take a look at this video so you know where I'm coming from:

Here are my gripes (in a list, because I like lists, come at me bro):
  1. It's heat shrink. Any amount over the price of common heat shrink you pay for this thing (1" heat shrink can be found for $0.5-1 a foot, and a barrel length of Rain Sleeve costs you $4) is money wasted. But you do get pretty colours (agglets take note).
  2. It can only be used once, then you have to cut/rip it off, and you'll want to do that because it will nullify any porting, which brings us to...
  3. Why not just use a cheap unported barrel/tip if you're that worried about moisture in your barrel?
  4. You have to use a lighter (preferably a jet light for convenience's sake), meaning you're probably going to bake a bunch of crud onto your barrel if you do it wrong/too heavily in one spot. That will affect performance until you can scour your barrel (which nobody wants to do).
  5. There is already a perfect rain sleeve available for much cheaper than $4 at any corner store, and it's reusable/doesn't require a lighter. *Ahem* small prophylactics (hey, you might have some of those lying around already). Please note those aren't universally reusable, just for your paintball barrel.*
  6. The logo reminds me of the anus of a cat.
  7. I wish I could run faster.
This concludes the Worst Product of 2011 Award. For other paintball companies that didn't win this year, don't feel too bad. Most of your products were crap too.

*Grey Ops will not be held responsible for any child support payments as a result of improper use of any Rain Sleeve alternatives. It also retains the right to laugh at anyone that actually puts a real condom on their paintball barrel.

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