Sunday, January 1, 2012

Canadian Paintball Importation/Shipping Info Project

There are always lots of questions floating around about what is and isn't kosher when it comes to importing paintball markers into Canada, and plenty others probably assume they know what's right and wrong and end up in hot water (legal or otherwise). It's no wonder that these questions abound, given that the ins and outs of importation into Canada are a headache waiting to happen.

What I'd like to put together is an easy to read and disseminate chart/paper that gives a complete and succinct rundown of what's cool and what isn't when it comes to importation and shipping of paintball markers in Canada. Obviously extending the scope of this to anything else (such as airsoft import laws) would require much more than a single sheet of paper (and would become much less clean-cut), so I'll be keeping it to specifically paintball related equipment. 

The purpose of this post is for you guys to forward suggestions as to things you'd like to see on the document. So please send an email to me with the subject line "Shipping Document Suggestions". The purpose of this effort isn't to allow anyone to skirt around the law, so don't bother emailing suggestions or questions asking how to import something you're not allowed to. This is an effort to make sure things that are allowed to be imported are imported in such a way that causes minimal frustration to the importer, and to make the potential buyer aware of what they can or can't buy before they blow their wad on something that's just going to come back and bite them.

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