Sunday, March 13, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: "Canada-Legal" Airsoft not so legal!

NOTE: If the first thing you notice in the picture is the gun, you might be a little too into this shit.

In January I reported news from an anonymous government source that "Canada-legal" Airsoft guns were at our borders, with paperwork claiming that they fired projectiles between 430 and 500 feet per second. This velocity would've put them square in the legal grey area that .68cal Paintball markers occupy, and they would've been free to enter Canada to retailers everywhere. The caveat was that the RCMP Firearms Centre would first have to test them to ensure that they matched the claims on the paperwork.

Well, the bad news is that the test results came back, and every single Airsoft gun tested fired within a velocity range of about 330-350 FPS. This unfortunately puts them in the same classification with every other existing all-metal Airsoft gun (i.e. "replica firearm"), and therefore they aren't legal for import (despite the mass amount of paperwork from the manufacturers involved and the importer). So, the prospect of legal and cheap full metal Airsoft products for Canadians will have to wait!

Regardless, die-hard Airsofters are still managing to get their hands on the all-metal goods in our country, if the examples seen at this recent Toronto trade show are any indication:

Hopefully the legal issues with these products will be cleared up soon. The sooner this whole "replica firearm" thing is done away with (to the benefit of Airsoft AND Paintball), the sooner we Paintballers can easily get our hands on wicked .43cal APS products.

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