Thursday, March 31, 2011

May Theme Weeks - 2011

In 2010, Grey Ops ran a series of series (not a typo) of articles in May, focusing on four different subjects (that ended up being reduced to three, then back up to four). Those subjects were:
This is what the logo looked like a year ago this time. It has certainly improved!

I'd love to do the same thing this year, and here's the tentative list for what Grey Ops will look at this year:
  • Gear week
  • Camouflage week
  • Pistol week
  • Beginner's week (yes it will happen!)
Please start sending us suggestions as to what you'd like to see looked at (within the categories above), and if you know a company that would be interested in doing some cross-promotion during that time, refer them to us!

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