Friday, September 3, 2010

A-TACS Tiberius T4 - Water Transfer Printing

Warning: Extreme marker porn ahead. 

Harken back to my post on A-TACS now offering water transfer printing. For all those wanting to know if it's the right process/pattern for your marker, well look no further than what was once my all-black T4

For more information on A-TACS, check out all my pages on it, or head over to the A-TACS web page. I'll just let the images speak from themselves (i.e. I'm about to shut up), and post up what I have for now:


  1. Golden Throne!

    That looks so hot bro!
    Almost like it as much as multicam, almost...

    Your gun looks wonderful bro congrats!


  2. One of the joys of a wireless internet stick is being able to surf marker porn while waiting for an evening game to finish at my field. Well done sir!

  3. Really nice. Care to PM or email me the cost? I was gonna Duracoat my Paradigm, but was quoted over $1000.

  4. Thanks guys, I'm happy with how it turned out.

    @Dana, Mike and Myself still have yet to make it out to your field. Rest assured we'll get there eventually!

    @Darsis Emailing you now.

  5. Hey Connor,

    Come out on the 12th as we're hosting a Tailgate swap and sale. The 26th is the Ortona Big Game. Mike Calnan is the Canadian General and will more than likely bring some of his WWII vehicles out.