Saturday, June 25, 2011

Real AR (M4/M16) and G3 stocks For Your Tippmann

Paintballers that want to use cool stocks on their markers often have problems when they realize that most markers (such as the Tippmann), use their own off-spec tubes and mounts for stocks. That's all changed with a company called GIBBZ Paintball's new line of Tippmann stock accessories.

While some companies offer "buffer" tubes that attach like an A5/X7 stock, GIBBZ is the only company that I'm aware of that actually allows you to use full AR stock systems with your Tippmann marker. As seen above, you could conceivably attach any kind of stock to your Tippmann, including solid A2 style stocks.

To sweeten the deal, they'll soon be offering G3 style stock adapters, which I wish they would have had when I had my X7 G3 years ago!

Best of luck GIBBZ, Grey Ops will be keeping its eye on you!

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