Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting Young

I found this fun video yesterday, I'm sure we'll be seeing these kids on the field using Milsim markers in ten years or so (or less I suppose, given how many young children often seem to be at paintball fields, and that's if they don't go the way of airsoft):

But here's a question I've always liked to raise, and maybe I'll go further in depth into it at some later point, "How young is too young for kids to play paintball?"

The general consensus on forums and fields seems to be that 12 is the optimal starting point for kids playing paintball (if they so wish), but I've always thought that number seemed rather low. In paintball a certain amount of maturity (and bulk) is required to play the game safely, and properly follow the rules. While maturity doesn't necessarily follow age (as we've all seen at fields, I'm sure), I find it hard to believe that the average 12 year old would be aware and mature enough to consistently follow paintball safety maxims. Thoughts?

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