Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Showcase - Devils Legion

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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Size: 14 members
Team Sponsor: Milsig Industries

"Devils Legion, Mercenaries for Hire

We are not the good guys ... We are not the bad guys...
We are the ones that get the job done when no one else can.
We are mercenaries for hire; everything has its price.
Call us the "Devil's Legion"
We leave no one behind, we leave no one standing.

No mission too tough, or objective too well guarded. The Legion takes on the tasks no other team will. We are "true to life" military simulation paintball.

We are a tight group of hard core MilSim members. Whether it's CQB or bush terrain, each member fills their role to best suit the mission and to ensure victory of the objective.

We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and are members of MilSim Team Paintball, a local MilSim only paintball league."

"Our mission statement is simple:

Play hard, play fair and play safe. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are our core values.
MilSim Leads the Way."

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