Sunday, December 26, 2010

PBL's Boxing Day Sale Announced!

Boxing Day is a fine Canadian tradition, much like the practice of criticizing politicians, or brewing beer that actually gets you wasted. So what better way is there to say goodbye to Christmas than celebrating a fine Canadian tradition with the purchase of new Paintball gear?

This December 26th is holding a Boxing Day sale, with up to 80% off items for sale at any of it's brick-and-mortar locations in Montreal, Winnipeg, or Surrey. Those who can't make it in person can benefit from up to 20% off on Internet orders. Not only that, but if you find what you're looking for at a lower price on another vendor's web site on Boxing Day, they'll beat that price by 5%. All it takes is a screen cap of that vendor's product listing!

On top of that, if you feel that you didn't find the deal you wanted on Boxing Day, PBL is holding Make An Offer Day on December 28th and 29th:

As you can see in the video, PBL's showroom (this one is the Montreal location) is loaded with Milsim swag for every taste. Be sure to pay them a visit!

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