Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Team Showcase - Introduction

Things are really busy on my end these days, so let's see some content from you guys! Specifically, I'd love to hear about your paintball team. There are lots of little and large teams out there that get little to no coverage or publicity, particularly those that don't run around shooting each other with space dildos and dressing like juggalo rugby players. That being said, I'm mainly looking for "milsim paintball teams", which I know is a fairly loose definition. But, if you're a reader/fan of Grey Ops, chances are you'll be the kind of team that I'd feature.

To submit your team for possible showcasing, please provide the following information:
  1. One team picture.
  2. One action picture.
  3. Name, location, size (teams can be as small as 2 people that play together) and home field of team.
  4. Brief biography of team, let's say no more than 250 words.
  5. Link to your team website (optional).
  6. Youtube video of your team in action (optional).
International teams are strongly encouraged to send in your info! I love hearing about international players, and I think they're one of the least heard from voices out there. If your English isn't strong do your best and I'll polish it for you before publishing.

The now waning Montreal team, DeathKorp.

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