Friday, October 15, 2010

Camouflage Comparison by Dustys Depot + Camouflage Tidbits

First off, my apologies and thanks go out to Jonathan for point this stuff out to me, I didn't get a chance to post it earlier this week due to illness craziness, but here goes!

If you're looking for camouflage comparisons (and from site statistics, I do see a lot of people searching that) but are coming up short, check out Dusty's Depot's comprehensive series of comparisons. The authour offers some insights into different camouflage technologies, and also has a few posts talking about the different producers of BDUs available and their advantages/shortcomings.
I'd love to eventually do a camouflage comparison of my own, especially given that there aren't any Canadian specific camouflage comparisons that I've heard of. I'd also like to test out different patterns on human forms as opposed to just the BDUs by themselves (which is all I've seen so far from other comparisons).

On another camouflage topic, if you're looking to paint your marker/airsoft gun/real firearm but are a bit hesitant about the exact process in which to do it, Jonathan also pointed out this great military issued document for the procedural painting of weapons by armorers: Click me

In the upcoming No Money November series of posts, I'll try do show some cheap and effective ways to camouflage your markers, and I'll probably be using the linked article in some way. 

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