Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Milsig Marksman Barrel Review

This review has been a little while coming, and the postings this week will be sparse because of an illness/recuperation. So apologies for the late review, and apologies for being inactive in the near future.

Price: $120 CDN

  • A5 Threading
  • 3 Piece Modular Design
  • .688 back 
  • .693 front
  • Milsig tip threading
    Pros: I shot three different kinds of paint of varying grades the first day I used the Marksman barrel, and it truly lived up to its tagline of being adaptable and consistent with any grade of paint. I had a barrel break at one point near the mid point of the front section of the barrel, and was able to simply screw off the front and continue playing. Using only the back portion of the barrel still produced decent enough precision (I'm going to do an accuracy vs. precision rant one of these days, don't worry) and I soon after found a quiet spot on the field to clear, swab and reattach my front section.

    Using the full length barrel, I had some really great results (it was a windy day, so I did have my share of wingers) and thought it really matched the aesthetic and finish of the K-Series.

    What really stood out on the tip of the barrel was that it wasn't only threaded on, but there is also a set screw that attached it securely to the end of the front rifled section. This is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time from a barrel tip, too often do I have to use some teflon tape or a wee bit of loctite on barrel tips that love to loosen or even screw off completely during play.  The inclusion of friction o-rings on the threads of the barrel sections is also a nice addition, I always like the added firmness they provide. 

    Cons: I'd like to see some differently sized backs for the system. .688 is a good choice for a universal back but the option of having different backs would definitely sweeten the deal. I've also recently been spoiled with some barrel manufacturers giving you the option of what barrel tip you'd like included with your barrel, and I think that would be a welcome addition to the purchase options of the Marksman barrel.

    Overall: Performance-wise Milsig has a real winner, and their delivery is almost perfect. To truly compete the package, I think the addition of different backs would do wonders, as well as the included option of more kinds of barrel tips (there is a suppressor tip available). I'm not well versed enough in my fluid dynamics and ballistics to comment with any kind of validity on rifling in paintball barrels but if you want to get in on the rifled versus unrifled paintball debate you need only head over to Youtube and do a quick search.

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