Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you're looking for custom manufacturers of nylon rigs/gear for real firearms and operations there are plenty of options on the market.

Some examples include:
All three are superb nylon manufacturers, and maintain close ties to their end users. But where are the dedicated milsim paintball nylon gear manufacturers? Sure we have people that make nylon vests and gear on a smaller scale for paintballers, but the vast majority of them are targeted towards woodsballers, and there's a sad lack of patterns used by those that do.

Well, other than very small scale operations based out of forums and Facebook pages, I have only come across one person I would label as a custom milsim paintball nylon gear manufacturer and that's WTFPB (Whisky Two-Four Paintball). You may not have heard of him as he tends to be pretty quiet, but he makes some really cool gear as well as a few CNC'd Tippmann mods and sling adaptors. All his stuff is made in the U.S., come with a lifetime warranty, and use American made materials. There are the tenets typically seen with real custom nylon gear manufacturers, and it's really refreshing to see someone apply that level of standards to their custom made paintball gear.

Hoplite rig

The extensive list of 1000D Cordura camouflage patterns currently used by WTFPB includes:
  • Woodland
  • Woodland Digital (Marpat, but he doesn't list it as such)
  • Desert Digital (Desert Marpat, same deal)
  • Cadpat TW (refreshing come from an American manufacturer, given that there aren't too many  custom nylon manufacturers with Cadpat options anywhere)
  • ACU
  • Olive Drab
  • Ranger Green
  • Coyote Brown
  • Multicam
  • A-TACS
He offers almost every one of his products in different sizes, and is easily contactable for custom work on a very small scale (i.e. I've heard that he'll actually do one-offs).  Here are some of the unique products he offers:

Stock class gear such as these 10 round tube holders.

A modular universal tank carrier (with some seriously secure looking straps).

Purpose built T8/8.1 mag pouches with shock cords (a velcro option also available). 

A wide variety of pod pouches, including these 100 round shock cord pod pouches.

 He also carries a variety of affordable vests, including some minimalistic non-overburdened-milsim-bullcrap rigs that function a lot more like MOLLE pod packs (which is also good for you scenario players out there I would think).

Senshi rig (suspender mounts on top).

In the end I think this guy is a very talented individual that is filling a lot of holes in the market, but doesn't get anywhere near the amount of exposure he should have. Everything he makes is competitively prices and is available at his streamlined online store. I'll try to pick up something small for review purposes using blog funds, is there anything in particular someone would like to see?

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