Thursday, October 7, 2010

TM Series Rip Clip Available...For Now!

Back in July I posted about a TM Series Rip Clip shortage from BT, and how it would be a while before the supply caught up with demand. Well, now we’re seeing some trickle in here and there in limited numbers, indicating that the wait is almost over.

If you’re in Canada, you can find them in stock at the moment at FLASC Paintball’s online store. American and international readers can order one from Discount Paintball.

In my FLASC Magic post, I talked about shortening the barrel of the TM7 to give it a closer look to a real steel MP7 firearm. But despite shortening the barrel, the football-sized hopper sitting atop the marker still detracts quite a bit from its looks. In an ideal Milsim world the TM7 would be mag-fed, but without that option, the only way to lose the hopper is to put on a Rip Clip with a 1 or 2-level Tac-Cap affixed.

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