Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd DSG Sales Thread Coming to a Close

3rd gen. DSG

The 3rd run of the Dukie Shotgun is coming to a close, if you've got some (not a small amount) cash to spare and are looking to get a seriously wicked pump marker, be sure to check it out. If you're on the fence, read my review of the marker (from when the blog was in its infancy) here: click me.

1st run DSG with top-folding stock

Here are the differences between the marker that I reviewed and the current generation marker:
  • New improved feed system that feeds from the breech, you don't have to pull the feed tube part way out anymore
  • Comes standard with Hogue grip now
  • Not packaged with a barrel
  • Now packaged with an ATI 2 piece clamp instead of an aluminum clamp made by Dukie
You have until March 31st, so figure out how much you're getting from your tax refund and give this man your money! For those of you that already own a DSG and would like to upgrade the feed/pump system, head over to MCB as Dukie can probably accommodate you during this run.

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