Monday, March 21, 2011

GameGuard Camouflage

When I saw GameGuard first crop up in the news, I figured it was a fluke. But since then, more and more websites have been covering the camouflage pattern. As a camouflage aficionado, I'm normally pretty tolerant of "out there" designs, but this camo is just plain ugly! It looks like someone took a hawaiian shirt and tacticooled it. Don't believe me? Take a look at this:

While it may be ugly, it's another step in the right direction for camouflage. The right direction being environment specific patterns, and a move away from so called universal patterns (I know I'll get someone telling me this in the comments eventually, so just to reiterate: A-TACS is not a universal pattern, it's environment specific!). In this case, the environment is Texas and the South-Western United States. In a bizarre note, the parent company carries "intimates and swimwear" in the GameGuard pattern:

A free Grey Ops T-Shirt goes to any male that plays a paintball game in a GameGuard bikini set and records the event. 

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