Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Twilight Theatre 2

Hey, why haven't you "Like"'d Grey Ops on Facebook yet? Oh, you have? Well why haven't you subscribed to us on Youtube? You have? Well then give us money or something then. On to the vids:

Recognize 0:25? Looks a lot to me like CQB 2 in Toronto, and seeing as how it's a Toronto group that put it together, I bet it is.

A paintball alternative to a live fire shooting range, a situation that arises when your country has prohibitive firearm laws but is home to the production branch of Milsig (Taiwan).

You would have seen this already if you were signed up on Grey Ops' forums!

Important info for those of you that went with the reduced capacity RAP4 box mag.

Borg, the crazy Croat, plays on a field lit on fire (yes, actually).

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