Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls With Guns

A buddy of mine recently brought to my attention an article from Men's Crunch online magazine, featuring photos of "Killer" military girls from the armed forces of 48 different countries.

I personally think it's great that these women are signing up to crawl through mud and get dirty, take orders without talking back, and fire off some large-caliber weapons, all in the name of defending their countries.

But it begs the question, when the hell are we going to start seeing girls like this coming out to play Milsim Paintball? If there are females like this out there toting Galils and AKs as their day job (and willing to risk getting shot at by real bullets), surely there are some equally attractive women open to throwing on some camo, taking a few welts to their creamy skin, and breaking a nail or two in the name of fun and recreation.

Know a hottie (or two) who's into Milsim Paintball? Post a photo of her tearing up the field in the Grey Ops Forum!

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