Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Camouflage

Is your fall camouflage no longer keeping you hidden? As people head back to their local paintball and airsoft fields this spring, keep in mind how the effectiveness of your camouflage may change. Here are what I consider some prime camouflage choices for spring in non-arctic Canada and the northern United States:

I know, I already used SURPAT as a choice for Fall, but this is a prime camouflage for the transition backwards and forward from Summer to Winter here in Canada. In my opinion, it greatly outperforms CADPAT when you're not surrounded by lush greenery, but still have lots of sprouting foliage around.

Mirage [on the left] (photo taken from Strike-Hold!)

Although still not available to the public (only those with a .mil address can I get it I believe), Mirage would be an excellent choice if you can get your hands on some. The muted tones, along with earthy reds and greens would be a great choice for muddy and sprouting terrain.

Pencott [pictured is their woodland variant I believe] (source: Strike-Hold!)

Hyde Definition does a very good job of giving their flagship camo an organic (overgrown) look. If you want to go the way of a sneaky swamp monster without diving into muck like Schwarzenegger in Predator, Pencott is a good bet. At the moment, they're currently sold out, but keep an eye on Grey Ops' Facebook page. If a solution presents itself, I'll be sure to point it out there.

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