Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crypsis - Camo Week

Many of you may have noticed that my presence on the blog has been a bit slowed as of late. It's not a matter of disinterest, but I've been keeping something on the backburner that I'm now ready to reveal. This revelation takes the form of Crypsis, something that I only hinted at before.

Here's what you need to know:

Crypsis will be a new camouflage solution for North America, providing hard to find, exotic, and sought after camouflage apparel and gear to the masses. But it doesn't stop there. Crypsis is beyond just a store, it will be a complete camouflage solution. That includes a large social media presence, a resource for camouflage information and much more. Many businesses focus on catering to a specific group (professionals, airsofters, paintballers, hunters etc.), but this won't be the case for Crypsis. Camouflage is one of my great passions, and the approach of the business will reflect that.

As you've probably realized at this point, Crypsis is not open for business at this time. Inventory and suppliers is still being acquired, and the store should go live in the near future. As with any small start-up (and that's really what this is), expect things to move slowly at first. But rest assured that this endeavour will be a product of my complete dedication.

The reason for me doing this now is for several reasons. I've long wanted to expand into the tactical gear industry, but was worried that running Grey Ops as well as a store would be a conflict of interest. From having asked various members of Grey Ops' readers, I've come to ascertain that I've been imbued with a certain amount of trust. Those that I asked also believed that I could maintain the same professionalism and objectivity (as far as any media outlet can be objective) that I feel Grey Ops has come to possess while at the same time owning a business that provides camouflage solutions. I truly believe that Grey Ops and Crypsis can function together in harmony, and will complement each other very well.

If you are a supplier of tactical, paintball, airsoft or hunting soft gear, I'd be very interested to hear from you. This particularly includes companies that Grey Ops has dealt with in the past. I'll be contacting many of you in the near future, but if you don't hear from me be sure to drop me a line. Please direct all enquiries to

I'm very excited to get this rolling, and a huge thanks goes out to the following groups:

  • Those that provided me with insight into how to create Crypsis
  • Those that support Grey Ops and actively participate with us
  • The countless people I've brainstormed with over the past 2 years
  • My friends (and many of those in the 3 above categories I now know as friends) and family
  • The Entrepreneurship Centre, a division of OCRI

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