Saturday, May 14, 2011

Krylon (The Poor Man's Duracoat) - Camo Week

Mike and myself have mentioned Krylon a few times on Grey Ops, but we've never dedicated any length of time to talking about it. Well it's high time to rectify that, because for paintballers, airsofters and hunters, it's an excellent alternative to costly means of camouflaging your marker/gun.

What is it?

If people are looking to camouflage something, when they say "Krylon" they're normally talking about Krylon's "Fusion" line-up. Specifically, they're often talking about  Krylon's "Camouflage Fusion" paint, which offers several popular matte finish muted colours such as Olive, Khaki and Black (there are in fact now 6 kinds of Camouflage Fusion, but I have yet to see a full compliment in any one store).

How does it work?

Krylon Fusion requires minimal preparation for any applied surface, and works on pretty much everything like wood, metal and plastic (where it really shines, because of how it actually bonds to plastics). It works like any regular can of spray paint, so if you have any experience with similar products you'll do just fine.

Where can I buy it?

There are plenty of online retailers that sell Krylon products, but your best bet is to check out your local Canadian Tire/Rona/Lowe's/Walmart. Shipping pressurized canisters can be a pain in the butt, and you'll often find a better price at a big box store within driving distance.

  • Cheap
  • Last a lot longer when compared to standard spraypaint
  • Camouflage variety available in a good range of colours
  • Non-camouflage variety available in a huge range of colours (for more exotic paint schemes)
  • Minimal preparation
  • Less fumes/chemicals than options such as duracoat
  • Easily removed if you get tired of it
  • Doesn't last as long as duracoat or other more permanent options
  • Still gives off all the fumes associated with spray paint
  • I hear it can be hard to find outside of North America
  • Hard to match paints with pre-existing camouflage pattern colours
Usage gallery:

From Krylon's website, and entire 4WD vehicle covered in Krylon Camouflage Fusion

An old X7 G3 foregrip I did a very simple paint job on a long time ago.

Instructions on a paintball forum as to how to Krylon a mask in a Multicam pattern.

An example of how versatile Krylon can be, this paintballer made a great looking Winter Camo A5 MP5K.

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