Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A-TACS Ares Armor Release - Gear Week

A-TACS is continuing to expand its roster of licensees, up this time:

"Now Available, Ares Armor Introduces a Full Line of High-End Packs and Kit in A-TACS

Ares Armor is well known within the tactical community not only for functionality, versatility and quality of their customized gear, but also for the direct experience operating in the field that influences every single piece of gear they design–and now, it's all available in A-TACS.

Ares Armor was founded by seven Marines, all with infantry combat experience with service both Iraq and Afghanistan. Combined, Ares ownership has more than 50 years of actual combat experience. Five of the seven Ares co-owners are currently still on active duty with the Marine Corps. Ares owners have held billets as Snipers, Recon, Infantry Platoon Sergeants, Infantry Squad Leaders, Infantry Team Leaders, Urban Shooting Skills Instructors, Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructors, Infantry Combat Instructors, and Rifle Marksmanship Instructors. It is that very in depth background and familiarization with the needs of the Modern Warfighter that goes into the creation of each piece of gear they build.

Featured in the line is the feature-rich Ares Armor Atlas Ruck in A-TACS, designed for long range patrols and extended field operations. The pack is only slightly larger than the standard large military mountain rucks with many innovative features including, seven external GP Pouches, a removable top flap Admin Pouch / Organizer with hidden straps that allow it to convert into a simple Short Range Pack, an Internal Radio Pouch as well as two Extra Long Pouches designed for use as Hydration Carriers or, 119 Foxtrot-sized Radio Carriers. Other features include, extra padding positioned along the mid-back crossbar as well as an enhanced Kidney Pad with additional webbing and storage. All of these features allow the operator to keep his mind on the mission and not on his gear.

Other innovative gear being offered in A-TACS is the innovative Ares Combat XII Pack designed for short duration operations. This unique and easily adaptable low-profile pack is designed to either clip directly into the MOLLE system of most Plate Carrier or Armor Systems without the use of shoulder straps allowing for a full range of motion or, the included straps can be easily attached for use as a backpack. Other features include. two removable pop-up pouches, room for six 5.56 Mags or three 7.62 Mags, Space for up to two hydration bladders or Foxtrots, two access ports and dual side access pockets.

Other great offerings from Ares include, the Arturo Three-Day Pack, The Multi-Purpose Tactical Duffel, Tactical G Bags and a wide range of pouches, bags and Chest Rigs. For more information on new Ares Armor available now in A-TACS, visit them online at"

I recently received a set of A-TACS BDUs in the mail (thank again Steve!) and I'll have up a post up about my impressions before the weekend.

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