Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Wolf's Bounty

In a release from TechT's Facebook page:

"ATTENTION ALL PAINTBALL NINJAS!!! TECHT HAS ISSUED A CONTRACT ON THE WOLF! TECHT PAINTBALL hereby issues a contract on The “Wolf” aka “Duke” at Living Legends 2011! For a confirmed assasination of the infamous general at Living Legends 2011, TECHT PAINTBALL will award an iFit Kit Paintball Boring Kit!

1. The kill must be a confirmed paintball marker kill of “Duke”, aka “The Wolf” by“Warhammer, aka ”Bad Karma Six”.

2. You must be a Facebook fan of TECHT PAINTBALL and BAD KARMA PAINTBALL TEAM prior to the start of the game to claim the contract.

3. A 6 piece iFit Kit will be awarded for a body shot, or a 9 piece iFit Kit will be awarded for a head shot!

4. The kill must be confirmed by both generals!

5. First 5 Players to put the hurt on him get the iFit Kits!"

Now that is a great gameplay addition. I'm sure there will be plenty of people rocking helmet and gun cams to confirm their kill, as it were. I wish more events had designated targets like this, it adds the great possibility of that bragging factor after a successful elimination, and encourages people to be sneakier than they might normally be. Keep your wits about you Wolf, and good luck avoiding elimination!

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