Thursday, August 18, 2011

Borg AKA Danijel Jagodic Death

Important: For those of you reporting or talking about this event (especially on social media platforms), there are specific guidelines that you should be following. If you're unaware of those guidelines, please contact me at prior to posting any information online.

Most news I post on Grey Ops I'm really excited to post up, but this is piece of truly unfortunate news. Information is coming in that states that the very popular Croation paintball Youtuber Danijel Jagodic, also known as Borg or paintborg on Youtube, passed away early this morning. Some of his close contacts on TechPB and elsewhere are now reporting that he took his own life, with others having been contacted by Danijel earlier last night, asking for them to take stewardship of his Youtube channel. 

Please remember that if you or someone you know is going through a tough time, reaching out is always the right call, and if your friends and family aren't available, there are many crisis lines that you can call with complete anonymity.

Here is an example of some of Danijel's fine work:

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