Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stupid Paintball Stunt in Portugal

This video has made its rounds around Facebook and various forums already, but there's an aspect many aren't touching on, and that's the connection to the country it was filmed/aired in (being Portugal). The video, entitled "Guerra Paintball" (which, if you don't speak a Romance language, is translated into English as "Paintball War") was broadcast on 5 Para A Meia-Noite, a late-night talk show airing on RTP2.

You may ask, "Does it really matter what country this aired in?" Well, given the struggle Portugese paintballers have had in the recent past in trying to make paintball an accepted and legitimate pastime in their homeland, this video is really a spit in the face for them. Idiotic segments such as this one put paintball in the crosshairs of legislators and politicians with too much time on their hands, so it's in everybody's best interest to make sure they're criticized when they are aired.

If you live in Portugal (or elsewhere) and would like to contact RTP and (in an appropriate and polite fashion) let them know what you think of the segment, you can find a list of contacts here. To the folks at Paintugal, I'm sorry if you guys are negatively affected by the video, and let the community at large know if there's anything they can do to help you.

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