Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Planet Eclipse's HDE Camo

I'm surprised they didn't call it omni-spec-digi-pat-cam. Most paintball companies that produce these vanilla patterns generally go with a name like that.

Sigh. I thought we were done with the whole speedball/camouflage brand confusion for the time being. But Planet Eclipse is taking a page out of Dye's book and have "created" their own camouflage apparel lined dubbed HDE. Here's some amusing ad copy:

"Eclipse HDE or HIDE! Stands for High Definition Eclipse - Camo Gear. It is designed and created for those who want to rock the cam look but with a little more individuality! By combining varying blends of colour and visual distortions into the design we have developed the HDE pattern that will help you blend effectively and seamlessly into your environment wether it's the Woodland or your back yard (If your back yard happens to resemble an overgrown Jungle that is!)."

Don't you just love rocking the cam look? But with a little more individuality? By wearing something that looks like every other generic "woodsball" pattern ever created? In a capitalized jungle? Am I capable of ever writing anything again without a sarcastic question mark at the end of my sentence?

Because everyone needs MOLLE on their butt. 

It appears the Ugly Milsim Marker craze may be over, maybe I should start an "Butt Ugly Camouflage Gear by Pandering Speedball Companies". Thoughts?

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