Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crypsis Update #3 + Giveaway Announcement

Weekly giveaways:

I've been trying to figure out a good way of doing giveaways through Crypsis, so here's what I'll do. Currently Crypsis has 3 ways of connecting with you guys: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Every week (for the time being), I'm going to give away something to somebody chosen at random from lists of "Likes", "Followers" and "Subscribers". But here's the catch, I'm not going to tell you what service I'm going to take the winner from! Sneaky, I know. The first giveaway will happen this following Monday, August 4th 2011 at approximately noon, and I'll give away an Olive drab 1 point sling with HK snap hook (worth about $12), shipped to anywhere in Canada or the US. Depending on how much interest this drums up, and how much I'm killed on shipping, I might restrict this to Canada in the future, but for now I'll make it available to both.

Like it? Well then "Like" it! 

International shipping:

While on the subject of countries, it'd be opportune to mention that Crypsis is now shipping internationally! For full information, please check out Crypsis' Shipping Info page. International orders will ship with Canada Post to avoid hefty carrier fees for the buyer, but as always I can accomodate those that want something different, all you need to do is contact me.

Free Shipping in Canada:

Well that about sums that up. If you need more info, again, check out the Shipping Page.


Kydex Holsters are on the way, my supplier is just waiting on his supplier. If you want to make sure you get one on the first order, send me an email and we can talk options/pricing etc. I may end up putting a pre-order up on the Crypsis main page as well. Available holsters will be TPX and T8 holsters (both formed to fit their respective marker beautifully), in either: drop leg, MOLLE, or belt holster format. If you pre-order, I'd be happy to provide free shipping (aw yeah, bolded text, you see what I did there?) on your order anywhere within Canada. 

Payment questions:

I've had a bunch of questions on whether Crypsis will accept money orders, EMTs or other forms of non-paypal payment. The simple answer is no, because those options protect neither the buyer nor the seller. You don't need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal, just a valid credit card! In the event that either party is (knock on wood) dissatisfied with the transaction, all major credit card companies as well as Paypal offer recourse. So protect yourself and pay via Paypal.

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