Friday, August 19, 2011

Case of Shingles - WTFPB Milsig Mag Pouches

WTFPB has filled a big niche by now offering Milsig Mag Pouches in a shingle and double stacked pouch variety! Needless to say, this is a godsend for mag fed paintball players. Too long have we had very limited or even non-specific pouches to use our mags with. Check them out:

Mag Shingles (pictured in Multicam, with two of yours truly's magazines pictured with it :P)

Double down with a Double (stacked) Mag Pouch

As always, you can purchase anything from WTFPB directly from their website. Also, for Canadian customers (and others of course) that are interested, I've created a pre-order for the mag shingles on Crypsis, and will be putting a pre-order up for the double stacked pouches later on tonight.

A huge props to WTFPB for making these! You're going to make a lot of limited ammo players very happy.

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