Sunday, May 16, 2010

Active Camouflage - Camouflage Week


Prevalent in nature (chameleons, cuttlefish and cephalopods), active camouflage is the adaptive and dynamic use of camouflage. In other words, camouflage which reacts to the environment around it to make the user undetectable. Its human applications have been firmly rooted in science fiction until now, but there have been some very recent advances in active camouflage technology.

The infamous Predator and his active camouflage.

Such advances include the use of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and materials that bend light around them. While we won't see Predator style camouflage in the very near future, it's safe to say that rudimentary active camouflage will probably makes its debut very soon.


  1. Is OLEDS "camo" the same concept as this?

    -broken future

  2. That's not really camouflage, he's using a projector in each location to project the background. More of a special effect really. OLED's create actual digital displays that, when combined with cameras, can give the illusion of invisibility.