Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New CQB Tiberius T8/8.1 Holster

Seen with T8.1

CQB Tactical Paintball has debuted their new CQB Tiberius T8/8.1 holster, providing pistol owners with another tantalizing carry option.

Draw tension is set with a single screw and various mounting options are available. These include: belt clips (as shown above), thigh rigs, and SERPA platforms. 

An immediate advantage I can see to this holster is the ability to use a barrel blocking device while the pistol is in the holster, and it should make for a very fast draw. A TPX holster is also available.

Pricing for these holsters begins at $70 CDN. Later this week, a T8/TPX double mag holster will also be released. Check back on Grey Ops for further updates, and to learn more or enquire about purchasing a CQB Tiberius Holster, email Romulus.

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