Monday, May 3, 2010

Allen Paintball Pod Review - Gear Week

So I decided to do a rather unorthodox review of the Allen Paintball Scenario Style Pod.

Warning: Foul and offensive language and mature subject matter ahead. I'm not kidding.

If you're into milsim or scenario style play and require pods, these are the way to go. They have a great finish, awesome lids, and a ridiculously sturdy construction (as seen above).


  1. AHAHAHAHA, I saw the slow-mo walk and heard the song then I could not stop laighing! But sill I prefer my locklids, I never heard of a pod breaking before besides by a monsterball. Funny review though haha.
    -broken future

  2. hahahaha so awesome!

  3. Office Space FTW!!! Hilarious!

    Although these pods are obviously durable, the top cap is extremely annoying. Once it pops off, either by accident or after you take it off for cleaning, it doesn't stay back on tightly; if you try to pop open the lid one-handed with your thumb, the whole top can sometimes fly off. It was never a good design to have the pod body in 2 pieces! Also on the inside of the pod, near the top, there are some relatively "sharp" plastic edges. Not sharp enough to cut skin of course, but not good to have paintballs rattling against either.

    Having tried both, I definitely prefer this incarnation of the 100-rounder: It's basically a shorter, stubbier conventional pod. As a bonus the outside surface is textured, so it's a little easier to hold with wet hands or gloves.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I'm going to try to do more unconventional reviews in the future.

    Mike: I had the same problem with one of the pods, but only one out of the five I have. I figured it was a fluke, but I guess it's a recurrent problem. Something to consider if anyone is looking into buying these.