Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogs in my Crosshairs

Here's a few paintball/milsim/military/general interest blogs that I follow that I think many of you might like:
  1. ITS Tactical - Taking a look at the tactical side of life, ITS is very popular, and for good reason. Check out How to Escape from Zip Ties, it really does work (I've tried it).
  2. Strike - Hold! - A lot of camouflage related articles, and a bunch of general interest stuff. Check out his Mirage/Multicam/UCP comparison.
  3. Death Valley Magazine - Combining the talents of, "Professional Adventurers, Wilderness & Urban Survivalists, U.S. Contractors, Former and Active Military, Intelligence Professionals..." etc., DVM informs while remaining humorous. Check out Improvised Weapons for Home and Abroad.
  4. Stormdrane's Blog - The go-to guy for cool paracord projects. Check out the Paracord Beer Can Koozie.
  5. The Firearm Blog - When it comes to firearms, you'll hear it here first. Check out the Weapons of the Malaysian Navy.
  6. 27b/6 - A wordsmith and master of pissing people off. Check out his claim to fame, the Spider Emails.

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