Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kendakye Remote Line Kover Review - Gear Week

Here's a quick review of the Kendakye "Kover" remote line cover. I say "quick", because there's not much to say about it. It's a remote line cover. You slip it over your remote line. It hides the shiny black reflective telephone cord/eyesore that hangs off your paintball gun, and reduces the incidences of it snagging on tree branches and bushes.

Still, there are a couple things to mention about it. First, it's nice and short, and covers the remote line with enough length to hold your marker at arm's length. What annoys me about other remote line covers I've seen (and own), is that they're ridiculously long, as if you need a 5 foot-long cover for your line. Really, unless you're throwing your marker to the other end of a ravine, and using your remote line as a zip line to cross, your remote line won't ever extend to its full length (and if you DO execute that move during a paintball game, you're SERIOUSLY hardcore. Seriously). Another plus is that there's no nylon liner inside. Some other covers have a nylon liner, and every time you slide the line in or out of it the nylon liner gets shredded. With no liner, this one slides on and off your remote easily, with no snags.

The Kover pictured is the MultiCam version. Kendakye sells many other varieties to match whatever camouflage or colour pattern you choose for your loadout. You can see the entire lineup at

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