Monday, May 3, 2010

Ugly Milsim Markers 3 - Evolution

You can't beat them, you can only scream.

A Piranha GTI in McNett camo tape, courtesy of Mike.

Well, it's only been two weeks since my last installment, but they're already back at it again. I wonder how long myself and others will find the creation of these markers funny, as opposed to naggingly infuriating.

Do you want the gut-wrenching look of the Stormer but hate .50 caliber paintballs? Well then you've going to love the MR4! Milsim players will be happy to know that the orange tip that was so popular on the Stormer has carried over to the MR4.

Case 7: Azodin Milsim Marker (ATS?)

Azodin, up in till now, I liked you. You're producing good markers at a great price, and best of all, you've known your place. But now you've gone and lain with my mistress, befouled my dear sweet milsim. It's not too late to redeem yourself. We can forget this unofficial picture of your bastard love child, you can go back where you came from, and we can live in peace. 

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