Monday, May 3, 2010

Tiger Tactical Cadpat Tactical Vest Review - Gear Week

Shown with a CPGear M4 pouch, and some KCK 12 gram holders.

One of the few true MOLLE CADPAT vests out there, I ordered this vest through Tiger Tactical, a Canadian based custom gear producer.

Product: Tiger Tactical Tactical Vest (CADPAT)

Price: $250.00 CDN

Options: Many different camo styles, including several rare patterns. Tiger Tactical will do any custom work within reason, for a price.

Specs: True CADPAT Cordura, nylon thread, inside breast pockets, hydration sleeve, MOLLE straps on front and back, and belt keepers.

Lots of MOLLE real estate on the back.

Pros: Out of all my online searches, this is one of the very few true CADPAT MOLLE vests. Construction is very durable, and in my use so far I have noticed nothing loose or torn. Very spacious hydration sleeve and inside pockets. Vest is fully adjustable and the MOLLE system extends all the way up the shoulders of the vest.

Cons: One of the more expensive vests I've seen out there. The default zippered inside pockets zip open up as opposed to down. That isn't a huge issue, but it means that small objects are more prone to falling outside of the zippered pockets (and that's where I tend to keep my allen keys etc.).

Overall: You have very limited options if you are looking for a CADPAT MOLLE system, but Tiger Tactical are there to help. They create a very durable and customizable vest that I feel is worth the price, but only just.

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