Saturday, May 22, 2010

D-Day Oklahoma, Canadian-Style - Scenario Week

For every scenario paintballer, the pinnacle of scenario games is the Oklahoma D-Day event held every year. But for those in Eastern Canada who can't make it, due to travelling distance or a lack of funds, there are alternatives. They may not be as all-out as the Oklahoma event, but if you want the feel of storming the beaches at Normandy, here are some events and fields that might fit the bill:

Voodoo Paintball (St-Etienne Des Gres, Quebec)

Every summer this field, located in a small town just outside of Trois-Riveres, Quebec, hosts a D-Day big game with over 300 players. In the first half of the day you spawn from a makeshift Higgins boat, and assault a sand beach towards a trench system filled with defenders. After taking the beach and clearing the trench system, in the afternoon you fight inland and push on Carentan and other famous D-Day sites. Here's a clip to give you an idea of what to expect for the day:

Voodoo Paintball is about 3.5 hours drive from Ottawa, 1.5 hours drive from Montreal, and 3 hours from St-Albans, NY. This year the event will be held on September 5th.

Mirabel Paintball (Mirabel, Quebec)

Mirabel Paintball hosts a pretty elaborate Normandy field:

The downside to Mirabel paintball is their paint prices, which are extremely high at $240 per case (although this seems to be the norm at Montreal-area fields). On the bright side though, the cost drops to $120 per case at big games (and they hold several big games each year).

Mirabel Paintball is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Ottawa, 45 minutes drive from Montreal, and 2 hours from St-Albans, NY.

Commando Paintball (Sarsfield, Ontario)

Commando Paintball has a new D-Day field that will be up and running this season. It doesn't look like something to drive hours to try out, but if you're in the Ottawa area it would be worth a visit.

Commando Paintball is about 30 minutes from Ottawa, and 2 hours from Montreal.

So if you live in Ontario or Quebec, and can't make it to the Oklahoma event, the above venues and events might give you an idea of what it would be like, and still give you a chance to enjoy part of the fun.

If any readers have some info on other D-Day setups or events in your areas, please let us know about them in the comments section!

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